Center for Lay Ministries

Food Pantry/Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

CLM/Bliss House/Food Pantry STAFF / Volunteers

Greg H., Director, CLM

Gregory (Greg) Henderzahs, Executive Director, Center for Lay Ministries 


Dana, CLM Bookkeeper

Dana Busby, Administrative Assistant/Bookeeper


Tiffany Hutchins,  Director, Bliss House


Janet Hurst, Assistant Director (part-time), Bliss House

Stephanie Satterly, Bliss House Resident Coordinator

Mac Neil Wynn, Jr. - Volunteer Logistics Manager

Bonnie Ryan, CLM Volunteer Coordinator

Bonnie Ryan, Volunteer Coordinator

Gregory Henderzahs
Greg has been a resident of New Albany for 47 years  and reared in Jeffersonville prior to his marriage in 1970 to Patricia Rodden Henderzahs. He currently serves on the City of New Albany Building Commission, and board member of the City of New Albany Parks Department.  He is active in his church at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. He also volunteers with St. Vincent DePaul.
Greg was employed with American Commercial Barge Lines for 39 years.  He held management positions in Logistics, barge allocations, sales and Customer Service.  After his full time employment from ACBL, Greg was employed part time by Camp Quality Kentuckiana, a camp for children with cancer. He served as the executive director.
Greg attended Indiana University Southeast and Sullivan Business College where he majored in Accounting and Business Management.  He is also an ARMY veteran.
Contact Greg at:
Phone: (812) 282-0063     
Dana Busby
Administrative Assistant

Dana Busby has been with the Center for Lay Ministries since 2000. She lives in Southern Indiana with her husband and three children.  She serves as CLM's bookkeeper and Office Manager.   

Tiffany Hutchins

As the Director, Tiffany supervises and enforces all the policies and procedures currently in place at the Bliss House while collaborating with the CLM Executive Director’s daily expectations. Tiffany ensures the BH residents comply with all program requirements and leads them throughout the process.  She resides in Southern Indiana and has two children.  Tiffany is a certified Recovery Dynamics Instructor. 
Phone: 812-280-7533  Fax: 812-282-4622

Janet Hurst 
Assistant Director
Janet Hurst is currently the Assistant Director of BH.  Janet works closely with the BH Director to ensure the programs and administered and completed by the BH residents.  Her position allows her to work closely with the women of BH as a mentor and wonderful example for women who are committed to a lifestyle of recovery.  Janet is also a graduate of BH and former resident of Bliss Too.  She is an active member of Bliss Alumni. 
Stephanie Satterly
Bliss House Resident Coordinator
Stephanie Satterly is the BH Resident Coordinator.   Stephanie is on duty during the evening hours.  Her position allows her to work closely with the women of BH as both a mentor and a solid example for women who are committed to a lifestyle of recovery. 

Mac Neil Wynn, Jr.

McNeil Wynn has been at the Center for Lay Ministries since 2005, working in various capacities including assisting those who drop off donations to the food pantry, daily maintenance of our facilities and janitorial services.  He is a valuable cog in the wheel here at CLM. 

He is a veteran of the United States Army, where he specialized in communications.


Bonnie Ryan, Volunteer Coordinator - Extra Miler recipient and award winning volunteer.  Bonnie has been with the CLM Food Pantry for many years and we cannot begin to fully let her know what her service means to the Center and our clients.  The food pantry has been named after Bonnie, in dedication to her years of service. 

Carol Dawson, Volunteer Communications Coordinator - Carol has been involved with the Bliss House Committee since is the owner of EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. - an EEO/Affirmative Action/Diversity-Inclusion Training and Consulting business, located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. 
For information regarding:  Media Information, Press Releases, Mission Possible Column, website and social media, contact Carol via email here: 

Lee Overpeck is also an important part to the operation at CLM.  As our computer hardware and software consultant, Pizza team chef and our primary box truck driver.  He volunteers approximately 20 hours a week.    


According to Independent Sector, the total dollar figure for the amount of hours donated by the Center for Lay Ministries volunteers equates to $117,693. The volunteers are the primary reason CLM is able to devote the majority of funds to programs, rather than overhead.  If you are interested in serving as a volunteer for the Center for Lay Ministries (Bliss House, Food Pantry, administration, etc.), please call us at  (812) 282-0063     / AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY OUR TREASURED VOLUNTEERS...THANK YOU~ THANK YOU~THANK YOU!