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Our Mission and We have Chosen to Accept It

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 10:40 PM

Mission Possible 

Written by: Greg Henderzahs and Carol Dawson 

The first question that may come to mind upon noticing this Center for Lay Ministries (CLM) column might be why we named it Mission Possible. The answer comes from the many facets of the CLM programs and the countless people in our community we impact.  

The answer could come from the hundreds of individuals who walk through the doors of CLM each month…or their children who are no longer hungry because of the food they receive. The answer might come from the many women who successfully complete the extensive Bliss House program for kicking alcohol/drug dependency…or the families of those women who gain back their daughters, wives and mothers.  

The answer could come from the individuals who receive emergency service funds; services that often are life-saving such as financial assistance with keeping utilities turned on or for rent payments to keep families off the street.  

The answer comes from the people in our community who are in need and come to CLM for a hand-up and also from the people in our community who lend them their hands – either in the form of donations or as volunteers.  

Although CLM has been the catalyst for several programs in Clark County since 1963, it is a consensus of opinion that we need to get out more. The News and Tribune has most graciously provided a forum for us to introduce our community to the Mission Possible of CLM.  

Below is the nutshell scoop on CLM: 

• does not rely on federal, state, or any other government assistance…relies upon the community (individuals, organizations, grants, etc.) for all support

• started out as a food pantry only and added other assistance programs as various needs became evident

• offer financial assistance on an emergency basis

• provide monthly home delivery of food to individuals unable to leave their home because of illness/lack of physical mobility

• offer rehabilitation facilities and programs for women recovering from drug/alcohol addictions - also offer transitional housing for women who successfully complete the programs 

Greg Henderzahs: “I came to CLM in August of last year. Although I have lived in Clark County and volunteered in many programs, I had no idea of the magnitude of the poverty in our community. I have seen the homeless, the unexpectedly unemployed, the emotionally disturbed, and many of our military veterans...all struggling to survive each day. I am convinced that CLM is making a difference.”

Carol Dawson: “I became involved in CLM 6 years ago through work with Bliss House. I have seen the Bliss House and CLM save lives – over and over. I have seen people who were once destitute and without hope transformed into productive members within our community; something considered a Mission IMPOSSIBLE before CLM Bliss House came into their lives. I also see the need for CLM services growing and therefore the necessity for addition funds and volunteers to meet those needs.”  

Your mission, citizens of Clark County, Indiana, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the call for help from those less fortunate – answer our call to become a continued supporter of our programs either financially or through volunteer efforts – or both. You can contact CLM at 812-282-0063.  

Good Luck, Clark County. We will not self-destruct after publication of this column.  

Greg Henderzahs is the Executive Director of the Center for Lay Ministries and Carol Dawson serves on the CLM Bliss House Committee.


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