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Posted on May 26, 2015 at 3:25 PM

MISSION POSSIBLE:  Helping Others Less Fortunate

Column #7

By: Virginia Klemens, Past Chair, Center for Lay Ministries

As a child growing up in Massachusetts, I was aware that we were not rich. My dad was the janitor/maintenance man at my elementary and junior high school and then at the local community college until his retirement.

In spite of our meager circumstances, we were provided the example of service to others. My father volunteered with the Salvation Army. When a transient came through town, Dad would get the call in the middle of the night and go to provide housing or transportation to the individual identified to be in need.

When our car broke down on the Daniel Shays Highway one weekend as we went to have our Sunday visit with relatives, a poor family helped us get on our way again. After that, we often stopped at the home of that family to leave clothes or toys or comic books we had outgrown.

It is in my dad's honor and memory that I make a donation to every red kettle during the holidays and serve on the board of the Center for Lay Ministries.

As a non-profit agency, the Center for Lay Ministries is aware of the importance of raising and nurturing young people who embrace the value of service to others in the community. We are fortunate to have remarkable examples of service provided by adults and young people in Clark and Floyd County.

Several of our volunteers have brought their grandchildren from Jeff High and Our Lady of Perpetual Help to the Center when the students have a day off from school.

The students at Bridgepoint, Utica, Thomas Jefferson, Spring Hill and Northaven Elementary and Jeffersonville High School and their families were very generous in supporting our spring school food drive.

The Faith Lutheran Weekday pre-school, Vacation Bible School and Girl Scout Troop 1243 conduct regular food drives to stock the shelves at the food pantry.

The youth of First Christian Church have stuffed mailings and provided other CLM services under the direction of their youth leaders. Providence High School students have worked at the center to fulfill community service requirements.

High School students from around the country have served by painting and doing yard work as part of the Catholic Heart Work Camp. High school students associated with the New Albany deanery have participated in Faith in Action summer projects at CLM, as have middle school students associated with the deanery and Catholic community of Jeffersonville who participate in Summer Daze.

Our mission to provide services to vulnerable populations in the local community with compassion, dignity and respect is possible because of the young people who embrace the spirit of service to others as part of their learning and "growing up" experience. We can all learn from their remarkable example and offer our sincere appreciation and recognition as they become responsible citizens in our community.

Contact CLM (812-282-0063) if your youth group is looking for an opportunity to serve.


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