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Anything is Possible at Bliss House

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 10:45 PM

Mission Possible

By Julie Schwerer, Bliss House Executive Director

Mission Possible? For a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage? Impossible! We think not! Every day, little by slowly this unfathomable, extraordinary miracle is happening at CLM – Bliss House. The miracle of recovery, a transformation, an entire psychic change, a pivotal point in time where preparation meets opportunity, happens. Just ask our residents what it was like before their imaginations were fired. Just inquire what the disease of alcoholism and addiction had them believing about themselves before they encountered the love guidance and structure at the Southern Indiana Bliss House. Ask the alumnae who spent years in a prison what she now feels and believes about herself after having completed a master’s degree in social work. Ask the woman who was sentenced to a penitentiary four times how she could possibly be working at the Louisville Opera. Impossible you say?

Not for us. We see the possibility, the pure potential of the human heart and soul crying out to be free, realized…to be coaxed along, rejuvenated and to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body. The woman who arrives looking for freedom from addiction has experienced a spiritual bankruptcy like no other. She is a fighter who has come to a jumping off place in her life where she can no longer conceive continuing to live using drugs and alcohol and can’t imagine coping with life without them. This individual is encountering hopelessness like no other; a surrendering point that is referred to as the ‘bottom.’ It is the most glorious place for an alcoholic-addict to be because to quit fighting is the quintessential moment where defeat the opens the door to triumph. It is the spiritual axiom that we must surrender to win. Weakness fosters strength when we quit fighting everyone and everything in our lives. It is at that time that the Grace of God may enter. Willingness is born. It is an operative power that is like no other where the very thing that threatens to kill us becomes our greatest asset-the impetus to grow, the guiding force that creates a desire to help others through self sacrificing love and service.

Still think it is impossible? Although this phase of development is precarious and not everyone has the same experiences; what we have seen is that on a firm foundation of willingness, with a cornerstone of believing, there is a future of hope. This hope exists because of a fixed cornerstone of a decision to do whatever it takes to change. A new and triumphant arch is built that we walk through to freedom.

It is an indescribable, wonderful feeling to watch this change occur in a human being, to witness a liar, cheat and a thief regain her good standing in our Southern Indiana community. It is an episode in the Mission Possible series of transformations we are sure you would not want to miss. Just ask us we’ll tell you more about these remarkable women, e.g., the talented photographer who had to pawn her beloved camera years ago and who just recently held her first solo photographic exhibition after completing her degree. The golden carriage, God’s Love, says if we weren’t so broken we wouldn’t be so blessed so climb on board and take the ride of your life.

Julie runs Bliss House and Bliss Too homes for women in recovery.  Bliss House is a program of the Center for Lay Ministries.  Call 812-282-0063 for more information. 


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