Center for Lay Ministries

Food Pantry/Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services


Walter (Walt) Coppinger, Asst. Vice President, First Savings Bank
Michele Anderson
Vice Chair

Rev. Linda Coppinger


Mary Chris Rodden

Kara Brown, Executive Director

2019-2020 Board  Members:

Karen Ballard

Joe Bradley

Kelley Curran

Roland Kramer

Jackie Lankert

Lea Ann Lumpkins

Dean Lyttle

Lee Overpeck

Nancy Palmquist

Sheri Payne

Jim Stanton

Chris Sturgeon

John Thompson

Jerry White

Rodney Smithey

2018 - 2019 Board: 
Rev. Linda Coppinger, Retired Pastor, First Christian  Church of Christ, Church Representative
Kelley Curran, Realtor, St. Luke's United Church of  Christ, Church Representative
Roland Kramer, Retired Businessman
Michael Lankert, Retired Teacher, St. Paul Episcopal,  Church Representative
Jerry White, Owner, AC Upholstery
Chris Sturgeon, Attorney, Town of Clarksville
Jim Stanton, Retired Teacher
Lee Overpeck, Retired businessman, Wall Street United   Methodist, Church Representative
Janet Moore, Retired, First Presbyterian, Church  Representative
John Thompson, Deacon-Catholic, St. Augustine  Catholic, Church Representative
Sheri Payne, Retired - businesswoman, Sacred Heart of  Jesus, Church Representative
Karen Coates, Human Resources 
Nancy Palmquist, Retired, Librarian
Dawn Millspaugh, Social Worker

Thanks to each of our Center for Lay Ministry volunteer Board Members and Officers