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CLM/Bliss House/Food Pantry STAFF / Volunteers

Kara D. Brown, Executive Director, Center for Lay Ministries 

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[email protected]

(IMPORTANT:  if you do not get a response within 24 hours, please call 812-282-0063)

Dana, CLM Bookkeeper

Dana Busby, Administrative Assistant/Bookeeper


[email protected] (if you don't receive a response with 24 hours, please call 812-282-0063)

Tiffany Mullinix   Director, Bliss House

(if you do not receive a response within 24 hours, PLEASE CALL 812-280-7533)

Stephanie Satterly, Assistant Director (full-time), Bliss House
Call:  812-280-7533

Email:  [email protected]   (if you do not receive a response within 24 hours, PLEASE CALL:  812-280-7533)

Rachel Baxter, Bliss House Resident Coordinator

Mac Neil Wynn, Jr. - Volunteer 

Logistics Manager



Kara Dietrich Brown

The Center for Lay Ministries (CLM) welcomes new executive director, Kara Dietrich Brown. 

Brown has more than 20-years of experience working for non-profit organizations, most recently with Metro United Way and The Center for Women and Families Southern Indiana Campus.  "I've admired the work that Greg Henderzahs, the board members, staff and volunteers have accomplished with both the food pantry and Bliss House," said Brown. "I'm excited to be a part of CLM and look forward to expanding our mission in the community."

Brown has been and will continue to be active in the community. She currently serves on the board for Communities in Schools of Clark County. She is a 2018 Leadership Southern Indiana Engage Graduate and was named One Southern Indiana's 2017 Ambassador of the Year. She lives in Charlestown with her husband Keith and son Deke. 

With his retirement, Greg Henderzahs, previous Executive Director, is confident Brown will do an excellent job for CLM. Henderzahs stated, “Kara is very well qualified to take over as CLM’s executive director.” Henderzahs continued, “I have met and become friends with many volunteers, donors and clients in the past 5 years. I will miss seeing them as I close another chapter in my life. The Center for Lay Ministries provides a great service to our community. With the help of our generous community, the Center has grown significantly and will continue to grow under Kara’s leadership.”
Contact Kara:
Email:    [email protected]
Phone: (812) 282-0063    (if you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please call)  
Dana Busby
Administrative Assistant

Dana Busby has been with the Center for Lay Ministries since 2000. She lives in Southern Indiana with her husband and three children.  She serves as CLM's bookkeeper and Office Manager.   Call:  812-282-0063


Tiffany Mullinix (previously Hutchins)

As the Director, Tiffany supervises and enforces all the policies and procedures currently in place at the Bliss House while collaborating with the CLM Executive Director’s daily expectations. Tiffany ensures the BH residents comply with all program requirements and leads them throughout the process.  She resides in Southern Indiana and has two children.  Tiffany is a certified Recovery Dynamics Instructor. 
Phone: 812-280-7533  Fax: 812-282-4622

Stephanie Satterly 
Full-time Assistant Director

Stephanie is the Assistant Director of BH. Stephanie previously held the resident coordinator position. Her position as the Assistant Director will allow her a more in depth case management experience with the women of Bliss House. Stephanie has become a positive mentor and an extraordinary example of a lifestyle of recovery. She is a certified Recovery Dynamics instructor. Stephanie is a graduate of The Women’s Healing Place program.


Rachel Baxter 

Resident Coordinator

Rachel is the BH resident Coordinator. Rachel is on duty during the evening hours. Her role is to focus and maintain accountability for all residents. She reports directly to Bliss House Director and/or Assistant. Rachel is a graduate of the Bliss House program and is an active member of the Alumnae Association.

Mac Neil Wynn, Jr.

McNeil Wynn has been at the Center for Lay Ministries since 2005, working in various capacities including assisting those who drop off donations to the food pantry, daily maintenance of our facilities and janitorial services.  He is a valuable cog in the wheel here at CLM. 

He is a veteran of the United States Army, where he specialized in communications.

Jane Hubbard 
Volunteer Coordinator for CLM.  If you have any questions, please contact her via phone at the Center:  812-282-0063 or via email:  [email protected] (if you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please call  812-282-0063 )


Carol Dawson, Volunteer Communications Coordinator - Carol has been involved with the Bliss House Committee since is the owner of EEO GUIDANCE, Inc. - an EEO/Affirmative Action/Diversity-Inclusion Training and Consulting business, located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. 
For information regarding:  Media Information, Press Releases, Mission Possible Column, website and social media, contact Carol via email here: 
[email protected]  (if you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please call  812-282-0063)

Lee Overpeck is also an vital part to the operation at CLM.  As our computer hardware and software consultant, Pizza team chef and our primary box truck driver, he volunteers approximately 20 hours a week.    


According to Independent Sector, the total dollar figure for the amount of hours donated by the Center for Lay Ministries volunteers equates to $117,693. The volunteers are the primary reason CLM is able to devote the majority of funds to programs, rather than overhead.  If you are interested in serving as a volunteer for the Center for Lay Ministries (Bliss House, Food Pantry, administration, etc.), please call us at  (812) 282-0063     / AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY OUR TREASURED VOLUNTEERS...